About The Founder

The Founder's Story

    "When I was a kid, high heels just a dream for me.Every time wear the unfit high heels of my mom, I always have the urge to grow up quickly, only in this way, I can wear more and better high heels, with my makeup and beautiful dress, that is what I think of as growing up.

       Someone said that it is a tragic history of heel, and others said that every wedding is an arena for high heels. I prefer the latter metaphor."






    The girl, who imagined that being able to wear that one red high heel at her coming-of-age ceremony, with a longing heart,turn around, around, around.At 16, she learned how to wear high heels.At 18, she met a right guy.At 20,in his wedding, what was the last competition she wanted to be in.But she told herself that girl who wear high heel must learn to smile and bless.

    She was on the second floor, but her high heel left on the first floor.Took off the high heel and enjoyed the freedom of this moment. Next morning she would put on her new high heel and start a new story.It's not for him,just for herself.


    She has always loved shoes, especially high heels. The clothes can be generous,and people will say that she is elegant.Also the clothes can be tied up, and people will say that she is sexy. But shoes should be just right, not only fit, but also satisfying. This is a kind of silent elegance, and a woman's deep narcissism as well. Just like the glass slipper is prepared for Cinderella. A selfish and vain woman can't wear it even with her toes cut off. Such delicacy is only for the purity and tranquility of the soul.

    She believes that in this era, women can be more narcissistic. Just like she took off her high heel at that time, and put on new high heel. She hopes that countless women will be empowered by stepping on their unfettered and well-fitting heels.


    She began to learn women shoes design, set up her own R&D team, and founded an independent shoe design brand in 1998. She focused on researching how to make the comfortable and fashionable women shoes. She wanted to break the routine and just to reposition everything. Her passion and focus on the industry have made her a great success in the field of fashion design in China. Her original and unexpected designs, combined with her unique vision and tailoring skills, have taken the brand to new heights.From 2016 to 2018, the brand has been listed on various fashion lists, and has participated in the official schedule of Fashion Week. In August 2019, the brand won the title of the most influential brand of women shoes in Asia.


In a recent interview, the founder was asked to describe his design inspiration in words. She did not hesitate to list a few points: music, parties, interesting things, broke up, breakfast,and my daughters.

Shoes are sexy, that can flatter the graceful curve of your calves, but far from the ambiguity of bras. Don't blindly say that women only have sexy breasts. Noble sexy comes from subtle, just like high heels. But I think the feet are more important than the face, and it is harder, so let us women wear our favorite shoes and go to heaven in our dreams.